It is painted in my memory
The most beautiful of all
A picturesque sight
A short reality 
But permanent in my mind

Never saw him run 
He sat at that very table 
Everyday monotonous life
He would bear it for his children and wife
That day he expressed his joy
For the first time, he let it out

A little girl who was reserved
Ran screaming happily
She played, not read
She sang, not whispered
She listened, not just hear 

The mother full of rebukes
That day she sang their favorite lullaby
Full of a love never ending
And a meal she carried by her hand
For agile little ones

The boy who was exacting
That day he shared his toys
He didn’t mind them breaking
He spoke clearly of his feelings
To his family, he is always perfect

And me 
I just happen to witness it
By God’s miracle
It is a normal family
But with great expectations
With beautiful souls
Who makes the most out of the least

Hiii...ummm... yeah as awkward as you all are :) :)

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