Right Time

When I was in middle school, I never won any medal. Students who won sports medals were mostly undisciplined and brats, so I was really jealous of them. In academics I was far from winning even the last position, even though I tried very hard, it was always a fail.

For a very long time I felt bad and hopeless. Then soon enough I found things I was good at. Then I let those medals go, I stopped caring and focused on the things I loved.

In second last year of my high school, I came second in my class and for all of the years I had given to the netball team, I won  Sports Girl of the year medal. I received two of them together.

When I started focusing on myself instead of rewards, I won. As soon as I learnt that it was not important to win everything but to enjoy, I was rewarded. There is always a right time for everything, all we have to do is wait.


Hiii...ummm... yeah as awkward as you all are :) :)

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