Didn’t rhyme, did it? So, there are many types of people in this world. But I mainly categorize them in three types – the Good, the Bad and the Satan.

The Good, the ones who heal the world. While there are people who are just being mean or flexing their luxuries for attention or fame, there are people who want to help people. They take care of people even if it goes in vain or nothing in return. They will keep check on their loved ones, help the people who need it and even make the hopeless case full of hope. They try all the time. Maybe that’s why this world is still working.

The bad, the ones with utter greed. They will defame a person so that it will be their gain. Just what celebs do, defaming each other, creating drama, being controversial, etc so that they will be in the newspapers. Even they know the fact that it is all useless and will be forgotten as the time passes by.

The Satan, criminals, murderers, serial killers, assaulter, etc. Either they are mentally ill or just born this way, they are hopeless to be honest. These are the news nobody wants to see.

So, honestly this world has seen a lot of bad and violence what this needs is not flexing, drama, assaults, etc, it needs people who heal it, calm it and make it better.






Hiii...ummm... yeah as awkward as you all are :) :)

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