So, I am an introvert. It literally kills me to text someone, so calling is a very long shot. My idea of happiness is peaceful solitude. It doesn’t mean I don’t need help, it doesn’t mean I don’t care and it doesn’t mean that sometimes that solitude won’t kill me. At the end of the day we all are humans.

I have a friend, she is a nice person. She was showing off her valuable things like her boyfriend, clothes,accessories etc to me the other day. All of the dialogue that we held that time revolved around her boast. It occurred to me that she never asked how I was, to be honest neither did i. We always forget that maybe that sentence can be very assuring sometimes. Maybe it will bring a smile or peace to someone.

We all are busy around working our asses off for career or jobs. It is important but it surely is a sin to forget someone so important’s well-being. It is completely fine to be busy with our lives but if we take a moment and call our friends or far off family to keep a check on them, it wont kill us. Maybe someone is going through tough time, maybe they have a joy to share, maybe they need your support, we won’t know unless we talk to them. Just a call and say “Hey! Are you okay?” or choose you dialogue, it will surely make someone’s day

It took me so much time to figure it out. If we do this maybe we won’t feel that much disconnected from the world as much as we feel right now.



Hiii...ummm... yeah as awkward as you all are :) :)

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