“Changes that we all experience” ain’t nothing new about that. I am a 00’s kid and i have experienced the joy of playing outside, addiction to technology and tiring of soul and body.

Earlier I used to listen to Enrique Iglesias, Beyonce, Shakira and many more mainstream artists. Now it is completely changed. Jaymes Young, Hearts and Colors, Allie X, Sia, are top on my list where as the former don’t even exist in my playlist. I am more fond of quality content than mainstreaming. this is the beauty of growing up, you realize many things and focus on better ones.

Not only the music but the will to go outside and interact has had a great downfall. The more I grow, is more I want to stay at home. My introvert side is just taking over like crazy. In former times, if our parents used to stop us from playing outside then all hell used to break loose. Now the roles have changed.

Most of the people notice changes in their body and mindset but they forget that soul have changes too. Your soul also feels tired, formerly it used to be just your body. Now that things are different your soul and body work together to bear it, whatever it is like – a toxic relationship, weird work environment, pressure of doing something with your life and immeasurably more things that you can think of. We can rant about it all we want, but in the end we need do something about it.

“The more you see things, the more you contemplate this world and it gets crazier by every second!”

Hiii...ummm... yeah as awkward as you all are :) :)

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